A run and a weigh in

A quick run on the schedule this morning. I feel like that’s Hal’s way of looking out for me in a fast-approaching winter. Can it snow in the desert? Perhaps I should save the dramatics until it’s actually cold! Anyhoo, the run:

Nothing to see here folks. The pace was a bit better, which I assume it should be in a shorter run? Hint: not a rhetorical question, I dunno what I’m doing!

I’m actually enjoying this running thang. Who knew?! The famed Runners High might just be a thing after all. I feel fantastic that I’m starting my days in such a positive way. It makes it much easier to make good choices throughout the remainder of the day.

Speaking of choices, I’ve ummed and ahhed about weighing in here, and finally decided that there’s no harm right? YOLO and all that.

So today, I’m 73 kilos. I’m 157cm tall (ahhh..tall is probs not the right expression) so it’s definitely in the overweight range. This I know.

But this week, I started something to turn that all around.

YOLO huh?

Haha šŸ˜‰

Cheers xx


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