Figuring out the ‘what’

Hi y’all. I’ve obediently completed the 5km training run that good ol Hal told me to do. It went quite well, much less walking today. The weather is gorgeous, it’s a public holiday and there was no sport for kiddo this weekend (parents: virtual fist bump for no chasing 15 four and five year olds around the footy field!).

Whe running I was listening to the Jillian Michaels podcast and she was counselling a caller wanting to change her life. The caller was saying she wanted a change; she wanted to be ‘happy’ and ‘healthy’.

Jillian’s response was what really got me thinking. Basically, she said of course you want to be happy and healthy, but what does that mean? What does happy and healthy look like to you?

Excuse me while I have an ah-ha moment! Applying it directly to this brand new running journey, happy and healthy looks like a mum that can keeps up with child; a mum that crosses the finish line of a 12km race this August; a person that can stop buying new clothes each week because nothing in her wardrobe fits. These are the things, according to Jillian, that we need to focus on when training, and when saying no to cheesecake.

As for the rest of my life, well I mostly know what happy looks like, with the exception of my career. That’s a story for another day (promise!), but I definitely have some work to do on framing what happy and healthy looks like.

What does your happy look like?

N xx


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