A reward

I completed the 4kms on my training plan with little fanfare:
My legs were really heavy, I think due to walking up and down the store that I work in for 5 hours..in heeled boots..while on a self-imposed shopping ban. From the very first step my thighs reminded me of the mafia’s ‘concrete boots’, and I assure you, I was drowning! Ok that is a tad dramatic, but lordy it was hard lifting my feet off the ground.

I really do complain a lot, don’t I? I really am enjoying the running, but during the actual run it seems I become the whiny-est gal around.

The recent lack of retail therapy is also certain to make you feel sluggish. I should probably buy something. Oh wait, that’s right..I did.

Find it here

Oops! Saw it on Pinterest and before I knew it, the deal was done.

In my defence, I’ve been trying REALLY hard with my fitness goals and healthy eating and this reward is much less dangerous than the M&M Mcflurry that my brain is screaming for. Why don’t brains scream for broccoli?

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and personal training day, which is also known as self-flagellation day. As long as PT doesn’t make it ‘leg day’, we’re golden.

Such impending doom! Really, it’ll be fine. I’ve been doing everything right.

Except for the shopping.

N x

5 thoughts on “A reward

  1. Fattie no more

    LMAO…oh you had me in stitches! Indeed…..why do brains not scream for broccoli!

    The skirt is super cute:) Well done on not going for the McFlurry. I keep reading that ‘don’t reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog’…but boy oh boy do I love food rewards. Maybe I need to start checking out Pinterest for other ideas.

    Well done on the run! Am on a break from running due to foot injury, hopefully will be back soon. Good luck with the weigh in…had leg day today, do not envy you!

    1. runningnelly Post author

      Ah Pinterest, the worlds greatest ever time-waster!
      Food rewards make sense to me theoretically-the whole deprivation thing; but one ‘cheat’ is a slippery slippery slope straight to binge-o-rama. Skirts are much more sensible 🙂
      Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you’re healing nicely! How long have you been running for? Any advice welcome xx

      1. Fattie no more

        Started running in January. 5 km every Saturday and about 2-3 in the morning before training. I then did a 9km in march and a 10km in may. Was hoping to do half marathon in October but for now I think I will have to take it easy. I think I may be a bit too heavy for the long distances. Will go back to 5kms for now and build up my distances properly.

        Not a runner by any means. Lol

      2. Fattie no more

        Yip we will be:) Thanks. Actually did sprints at my PT session yesterday and foot felt fine, so I may start slowly soon!

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