Running on the treadmill

First things first, check out my awesome new running tights: 20140613-120341-43421349.jpg Find them here. Because animal print is a neutral after all.

Do you guys in the USA have the label Running Bare? It’s an Aussie favourite.

Done with the fashion, let’s talk about running. Specifically, treadmill running. After packing lunches, ironing school uniform and rounding up a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume for the offspring’s school disco this afternoon, I COULD NOT be bothered running in the cold and waiting for a kilometre before I started to warm up because the run would nearly be over by then.

So I packed my gear and headed to the gym, buoyed by my recent success attending by myself. Yes, I did shave my armpits. Which is ironic because I wore long sleeves. I’ll get it together one day.

I’m not normally a treadmill runner. I prefer the fresh air, sunshine, swallowing bugs and all that jazz. Turns out, the treadmill wasn’t that bad! I had the little 3k on my Hal plan so it went really fast. I’m sure I’d just keel over from boredom if I had to do much more than 5k on it. How you folks that have to use the tready due to snow etc manage it, I do not know!

20140613-121333-44013506.jpg I felt like I was striding better…like a bigger stride? Normal? Imagining it?

In a further testament to my ongoing ‘where’s your head at’ syndrome, I turned my Runkeeper app on when I started. As I’m sure you all know, it uses GPS to track activity, which isn’t terribly useful when you aren’t running anywhere.

20140613-121529-44129712.jpg 37 minutes a kilometre! It does show the correct time of my run as the tready picture includes a little warm up walk.

I figured that since I was at the gym I might as well do some strength training. I came up with a little mini circuit that makes no sense at all:

3 x 16 reps walking lunges
3 x 12 reps squat with 3kg medicine ball throw
3 x 12 reps TRX back row
3 x 20 reps Russian twists with 3kg medicine ball

It’s got legs, back/shoulders and abs. Just covering all bases ok?

Feeling good guys! I owe you a weigh-in, promise I’ll do it tonight.

N x

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