A dreaded illness

Did I disappear over the weekend? My immune system certainly did because I was down with some form of illness you can only catch from your children. Don’t you think the germs from the playground always knock you around more than the every day cold you get before you have kids?

Anyway, germ rant over. Unfortunately due to said germs, I haven’t run since my last post. I’ll be back into my plan tomorrow and I’m repeating week 3 because I missed the long run last week.

I tested the post-illness waters with personal training today. I did 15 minutes on the cross trainer for warm up, and then did a chest workout with D. I was a little queasy but got through it. Don’t ask what exercises I did because I have no idea what they are called. PT’s have this whole über-fit language that I don’t get. If it’s written on the machine I know, but anything else and I’m illiterate. All I know is I couldn’t turn the steering wheel very well on my way home. A job well done then!

Fingers crossed I get through tomorrow’s run

N x


5 thoughts on “A dreaded illness

  1. Fattie no more

    Ha ha…indeed a good workout if you are barely functional afterwards;) Glad you are feeling better!

    Hope the running feels like old times once you start again. I find with me, my body is not kind to me when I take a break from it… But I was never a seasoned runner to begin with.

    1. runningnelly Post author

      Eek exactly what I’m worried about! I’m thinking I won’t push it too much and just do what I can. Poor ol 30+ body isn’t bouncing back quite so perkily any more (I invented the word perkily. Like it?! Haha).

      1. Fattie no more

        Lol…perkily. .. ahhh I don’t think I was ever perkily to begin with.

        I feel you…I felt the shins this morning when I had to do 600 skips during my workout. Every week another darn ailment. We try…..

    1. runningnelly Post author

      I think sore arms is far better than sore legs..you know when you try to hold onto the wall to sit down because you’re not quite sure if you’ll make it without collapsing? Good times!


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