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Why the gym is scary

Today was meant to be PT day (plus 35 minutes cross training according to Hal), but trainer had another engagement so I was on my own.


I HATE going to the gym by myself. God, I feel a little ill just thinking about it. Today, however, I asked myself why. Why am I so scared? It’s not so bad right? You’ve been there plenty of times.

I’ve figured out that the fear is more of an anxiety. I’m anxious that I’ll look ridiculous. That people will look and think that I shouldn’t be there. That I’ll use the machines incorrectly and look silly. That I’m doing the wrong kinds of workout and…you guessed it: I’ll look stupid.

All of the stomach knots and cold sweat is completely self imposed. Crazy! What does it matter if I look silly to someone else? I don’t know them, I certainly wouldn’t value their opinion regarding any other aspect of my life, so why was I allowing what I THINK they are thinking to effect me so much? Especially when I don’t even know if they’re thinking anything about me at all. In fact, I’m sure they are too engrossed in their own (far superior) workout to worry the slightest bit about me.

So I marched in there like I’m allllllllll business and got to it:

5 minute warm up on rowing machine
3 x 12 reps chest press
3 x 12 reps shoulder press
3 x 12 reps tricep pull-down
3 x 12 reps tricep press
3 x 12 reps pec deck
30 minutes cross trainer + 5 minute cool down

Not too shabby at all. Until I realised I forgot to shave my armpits when I was putting my hoody back on. I would encourage all of the people at the gym to stare and judge me for that. Argh all those weight machine exercises with my arms up!

Keeping it classy as always!

N x