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A reward

I completed the 4kms on my training plan with little fanfare:
My legs were really heavy, I think due to walking up and down the store that I work in for 5 hours..in heeled boots..while on a self-imposed shopping ban. From the very first step my thighs reminded me of the mafia’s ‘concrete boots’, and I assure you, I was drowning! Ok that is a tad dramatic, but lordy it was hard lifting my feet off the ground.

I really do complain a lot, don’t I? I really am enjoying the running, but during the actual run it seems I become the whiny-est gal around.

The recent lack of retail therapy is also certain to make you feel sluggish. I should probably buy something. Oh wait, that’s right..I did.

Find it here

Oops! Saw it on Pinterest and before I knew it, the deal was done.

In my defence, I’ve been trying REALLY hard with my fitness goals and healthy eating and this reward is much less dangerous than the M&M Mcflurry that my brain is screaming for. Why don’t brains scream for broccoli?

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and personal training day, which is also known as self-flagellation day. As long as PT doesn’t make it ‘leg day’, we’re golden.

Such impending doom! Really, it’ll be fine. I’ve been doing everything right.

Except for the shopping.

N x