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How fast should I go?

Hal told me to run 5.6km, so that’s what I did. Well, almost. It was 5.3km, that’s ok..right?

Here’s what I want to know…how fast should I be going?

I know that a reasonable 5k time is around 30 minutes. I almost double that time with this run. However, I made it through the run without stopping for a walk break. Am I better off running the whole way without walking; or running faster but stopping to walk every couple of blocks?

In my head, I’ve kind of decided that I’m better running the distance at a slower pace. There seems to be some general consensus on this Runners World forum that probably better to run slowly without breaks. It’s even suggested that walk breaks might be a bad habit that is hard to break as you improve your distance and/or pace.

The problem with this approach is that the time is a little demoralising at times. I keep thinking ‘good lord, how long is it going to take to run 12km?!’ And how totally embarrassing will it be if I am the last person to finish the 12km race?

I need to remember that while this is a race, the only person I’m really racing is myself. This race is my race not to beat everyone else, but to better myself; to achieve the first goal in my running journey. I want to be content in running the distance without walking because that is an achievement for me.

While I’m desperately hoping that in the next 10 weeks I get a little bit faster, one thing I do know is that I will definitely finish that race. It might be last, but I will finish!

N x


My latest run (3k according to Hal) was fairly uneventful, but I seem to have created my very own syndrome. I’m going to call it halfway-itis.

Halfway-itis strikes, surprisingly, at the halfway point of a run. I’m cruising along just fine, keeping a fairly steady pace; then the lovely, well-spoken lady on the Runkeeper app tells me I am halfway. The second I hear it, my legs get heavy and I just want tooooo gooooooooo hooooooome.

So this run, I decided to make a real effort to keep my pace the same:

And it worked! Yay! Mind over matter and all that.

Here’s the other details:

I had a little internal cheer for this run!

I’m off to do 5.5kms this morning, wish me luck?

N x

Check that one off the list

My training schedule had 4kms on it today (well, actually for yesterday but I had a switcheroo).

This run was the first that was a little challenging to fit in to my daily schedule. I had parent help in Mr L’s class in the morning (Teacher: what letters did we learn about today? Kid with raised hand: Spider-Man is bad), a long overdue beautician appointment, grocery shopping, bike to the store to get repaired, Mr L’s training after school…yada yada yada. In between the groceries and the bike I stole the half hour needed to check that one off the list.

I found this run to be an equaliser of sorts. After all the rush that had been and was to come, it was the perfect way to take a moment and take a deep breath- literally and figuratively. It was a chance to think about nothing but my feet, my head and my slightly dodgy knee. The time and distance remains unimpressive, but I am impressed that I’ve made it over a week without missing a session. Small victories right? .


Being the middle of the day it was also quite warm. I knew I shouldn’t have complained about how cold it was…Mother Nature says ‘oh too cold? Cop this then!’ I have real knack for handing myself over to Murphy’s Law with my oft-dramatic observations regarding banal subjects such as the weather or politics.

Despite being busy, hot and a bit harassed, there’s another tick on that chart; and that gives me a little smug smile 😉

Nelly x

A run and a weigh in

A quick run on the schedule this morning. I feel like that’s Hal’s way of looking out for me in a fast-approaching winter. Can it snow in the desert? Perhaps I should save the dramatics until it’s actually cold! Anyhoo, the run:

Nothing to see here folks. The pace was a bit better, which I assume it should be in a shorter run? Hint: not a rhetorical question, I dunno what I’m doing!

I’m actually enjoying this running thang. Who knew?! The famed Runners High might just be a thing after all. I feel fantastic that I’m starting my days in such a positive way. It makes it much easier to make good choices throughout the remainder of the day.

Speaking of choices, I’ve ummed and ahhed about weighing in here, and finally decided that there’s no harm right? YOLO and all that.

So today, I’m 73 kilos. I’m 157cm tall (ahhh..tall is probs not the right expression) so it’s definitely in the overweight range. This I know.

But this week, I started something to turn that all around.

YOLO huh?

Haha 😉

Cheers xx