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How fast should I go?

Hal told me to run 5.6km, so that’s what I did. Well, almost. It was 5.3km, that’s ok..right?

Here’s what I want to know…how fast should I be going?

I know that a reasonable 5k time is around 30 minutes. I almost double that time with this run. However, I made it through the run without stopping for a walk break. Am I better off running the whole way without walking; or running faster but stopping to walk every couple of blocks?

In my head, I’ve kind of decided that I’m better running the distance at a slower pace. There seems to be some general consensus on this Runners World forum that probably better to run slowly without breaks. It’s even suggested that walk breaks might be a bad habit that is hard to break as you improve your distance and/or pace.

The problem with this approach is that the time is a little demoralising at times. I keep thinking ‘good lord, how long is it going to take to run 12km?!’ And how totally embarrassing will it be if I am the last person to finish the 12km race?

I need to remember that while this is a race, the only person I’m really racing is myself. This race is my race not to beat everyone else, but to better myself; to achieve the first goal in my running journey. I want to be content in running the distance without walking because that is an achievement for me.

While I’m desperately hoping that in the next 10 weeks I get a little bit faster, one thing I do know is that I will definitely finish that race. It might be last, but I will finish!

N x